Quzu Restaurant

Best Meat and Grill!

Quzu restaurant has modern European interior with some ethnic Azerbaijani elements.

Azerbaijan, Russian, Ukrainian and European cuisine. Our guests can try the best grilled meat as lamb, veal and chicken – cooked over hot coals, wide veriety of traditional kebabs, dolma, piti, kofte bozbas and traditional shah plov.

Among Russian and European cuisine we offer pelmeni, borsch, pancakes with cream cheese and minced meat, veriety of italian pasta and burgers. Restaurant has own backery and every day we serve fresh honey cakes, baklava, panna cotta, fruite desers and tiramissu.

Specially served Azerbaijan black tea with thyme together with dried fruist, home made jam and nuts.

Cozy atmosphere, sea view, good service.

Big veriety of shisha and drinks.

Website: quzurestaurant.com